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News from Room 6

Dear Families,

We have had some concerns with nutritious snacks and appropriate drinks. Our district's Wellness Policy states that student's should make healthier choices for snacks and lunch. To follow along with this, please only send fruit juice, crystal light, G2, or water to drink. Only nutritional foods such as fruit, cheese, crackers, pretzels,  nuts, or yogurt are allowed. PLEASE DO NOT send in candy, sweets, sandwiches for a snack (they do not have time to eat the whole thing and play, too), chips, Gatorade, etc for snack time. Also, I allow water in the classroom. Your child will be able to keep their own water bottle in the classroom.


Uniforms are mandatory and thank you parents who are abiding by this. However, we still have a few students not following the district mandate. 

Class starts at 8:20a.m~make sure your child is in line at 8:15a.m. And remember the cafeteria is now open at 7:15 am.

I hope to see you all soon, 

Mrs. Lillian Ortiz