Accelerated Reader (A.R.) Success!

Tips for Parents
Motivate your child to read his/ her A.R. book daily.
Ask your child comprehension questions about the book.  Also, ask them to point to the part of the story where the answer is found (evidence and proof).
    Comprehension questions for fiction books
              1.  Where did the story take place?
2.  Who is the story about?
3.  What is the main problem in the story?
4.  How is the problem solved?
5.  When did the story take place?

Comprehension questions for nonfiction/ informative books
1.  What are three facts about this topic?
2.  Read a heading.  What is the main idea of this part of the book?
3.  Read a heading.  What are three supporting details/ facts about this part of the book?
4.  Look for a bold word.  What does this word mean?  
5.  Look for a bold word. How does this word relate to the rest of the story?

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