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School Profile

Mission Statement: The mission of the staff, parents, and community of North Ranchito is to prepare our students to participate, appreciate, and flourish in the rich cultural heritage of their community and to successfully navigate through an increasingly globalized world. To prepare our students to be global citizens, we will foster a nurturing climate that promotes humanity and a passion for lifelong learning. Driven by research-based principles, we are committed to providing our students with the tools to promote creativity, critical-thinking, communication and collaboration. In meeting these 21st century goals we, as teachers and leaders, employ established educational theory, innovative strategies, Standards-based instruction and assessment, data analysis, and reflection to promote the academic excellence of all students.
At North Ranchito, every staff member at the school is focused on improving student achievement in all areas. The staff, students, and community believe the goal of education is to produce citizens who will make a positive contribution to our society. We believe that all students can learn and succeed. We have high expectations and standards for our students in the area of academics. A knowledgeable, creative, and dedicated staff works effectively each day to provide a Standards based instructional program to 470 students. All students from preschool to fifth grade are the focus of all school programs.
At our school this year, our areas of focus are reading comprehension, vocabulary development, math application, writing strategies, and increased use of technology for all students. As a team we continuously analyze data, and collaborate to ensure success for all our students. Standardized assessments assist us to make informed decisions about instruction through our State, District, and local measures. Our school is driven by a Standards-based curriculum that is set by guidelines created by the State of California. In addition, we utilize research-based strategies and professional development to achieve our goals. Students of all abilities, from a variety of linguistic and socioeconomic levels, come together as a learning community at North Ranchito. The school community expects all students to achieve high standards as we have established in our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
Students approach their education with dedication and enthusiasm. Grades TK-5 students receive Trimester Awards where the top performing students are recognized in the areas of reading, math, and citizenship. They are eager to receive these awards and challenge each other on the dynamic education derived from our Standards-based curriculum.
North Ranchito teachers are well qualified to handle the challenge of delivering a Standards based education to a bright and diverse student body. Many teachers live in the community and are bilingual and bicultural. Emotionally invested in the school, they arrive early, work late, and serve in leadership roles. This is truly a testament to the tireless work and efforts of our staff on the behalf of the students and families that they serve.
The School Site Council (SSC) and Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) are very active on campus and meet regularly to discuss how to bolster student achievement and school climate. As part of our technology goals and in an effort to promote parent participation, our parents will be offered the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops that focus on technology education and use of the Internet to support student academic goals.
We at North Ranchito Elementary School will not rest until each student achieves academic success. To accomplish this goal we all commit to working together collaboratively, respectfully, with focus and flexibility.