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Physical Education

The physical education model content standards represent the essential skills and knowledge that all students need to maintain a physically active, healthy lifestyle. California law clearly establishes the priority of physical education instruction. Education Code Section 51210 requires 200 minutes of physical education every ten school days for students in grades one through six. 

North Ranchito Elementary School Physical Education Minutes by Grade

First Grade: 35 minutes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 
Grade Level Total: 210 minutes

Second Grade: Monday- Friday 20 minutes daily
Grade Level Total: 200 minutes

Third Grade: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 2:00- 2:25 pm
Grade Level Total: 200 minutes

Fourth Grade: Monday-Friday 8:25-8:35 and Thursday-Friday 2:16-2:41 pm
Grade Level Total: 300 minutes

Fifth Grade:  Monday-Friday 2:20-2:40 pm
Grade Level Total: 200 minutes