Room 9 Mrs. Lopez-Kindergarten Class

Welcome parents to a very exciting school year. Your child will be challenged this school year and will be given many responsibilities that will enable them to grow academically.

Within this website, you will be offered a fun and alternative way of studying with your child. For those who wish to advance, there are 100 high frequency words that are available and should be studied on a daily basis. Please remember to read daily with your child asking various comprehension questions such as who? what? where? when?, and why?

Important Information:

*Using the REMIND app is a perfect way of keeping in touch with my daily assigned activities.  I use it to communicate with my class.  Email me with your child's name and I can send you the class invite.  (All my families are on Remind).   
*Another way of keeping connected is going to our Classroom.  You can stay connected via the North Ranchito page.

*I have chosen to keep connected using Seesaw, Epic Readers, and Moby Max. 
We have wonderful resources to continue using our school programs such as Benchmark Advance and Go Math using our Clever Badges.   

(As your teacher I promise to supply you with an abundance of resources on a daily basis.  At this moment, I want to take off my teacher hat and write this message as a mom.).............
"It's easy to be so focused on what's happening outside of our homes.  But, imagine how much better things will be if we take advantage of this wonderful opportunity in front of us.  We have the gift of time.  
I know we all have a different set of circumstances, many of you are still working out of the home, some are now working from home.  I know that this is a very uncertain time and that jobs are being cut and paychecks are disappearing.  But, if we can spend just 10 minutes focused on our families, forgetting about all that is happening around us, perhaps we can find a few minutes of solace. 
So what is my family doing?  How are we spending our time?  I've said it a million times, and I stand by it.  You can teach your child just about anything through a game or a real life experience.  So we are baking, writing letters to family, taking virtual field trips, dancing to Go Noodle videos, playing ball together, walking our dogs, eating dinner as a family and talking at the table, journaling, exploring  and even learning a new language on Duolingo.  I'm doing so much family time and I hope we don't forget to help maintain healthy children during this uncertain time.  Please send hugs to your kids for me---I miss them all so very much!"