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Welcome parents to a very exciting school year. Your child will be challenged this school year and will be given many responsibilities that will enable them to grow academically.

Within this website, you will be offered a fun and alternative way of studying with your child. For those who wish to advance, there are 100 high frequency words that are available and should be studied on a daily basis. Please remember to read daily with your child asking various comprehension questions such as who?, what?, where?, when?,why? and how?

Please note, at the end of this message, there are kid friendly computer links that the children can play with as they learn and practice. There are addition and subtraction games, flashcards, and vocabulary links that are age appropriate.

Important Information:

* It is important for parents to remember to pick up their child on time!! Dismissal on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is at 2:10 pm.
Every Wednesday is a Modified Day and Students MUST BE PICKED UP AT 12:10 PM.

*Parent conferences will begin on October 8 and end on October 11, 2012. Please be prompt to your set time. Reminders were sent home. I hope for 100% participation during parent conferences. PLEASE REMEMBER FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2012 IS A MINIMUM DAY. DISMISSAL IS AT 12:20.

* We will be administrating our second formal assessments the week of Monday, October 15 2012 through October 19, 2012. These assessments will be used to identify our RTI groups. Language Arts and Math will both be assessed. You may help your child prepare for these assessments by reviewing letter/sound recognition, and number recognition.

*On Friday, October 26th, we will have our school Halloween Parade beginning at 9:00 am. Students will be able to wear their costumes that day only. WE WILL NOT DRESS UP ON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31ST!!!!

* Thank you to all the parents who attended Back to School Night.

* Thank you all parents who have offered to help in class and at home.

*RTI will be starting shortly for the Kindergarten students. This is where our Kinder Grade students will be grouped according to their needs. Lots of intensive, hands on, language arts instruction will be modeled.

*October book orders are due, Friday,October 19, 2012. I encourage families to stock up their libraries at home, and focus on sight word books, phonics readers, and easy grade level readers. If your children are coming home on a regular basis with a green card/happy face, I encourage you to treat them to a book or two for their class efforts.

*Homework packets sent back with a */ #4 is a complete packet. Please continue to work on homework every day and complete it. Responsibility begins at home! Please remember to read, read, read, every night with your children! Always remember to help your child at home with his/her homework!