Mrs. Gutierrez

 April 8-12, 2020 Spring Break 
Hello families,
As you have been informed, schools will not reopen for the rest of the school year! I am saddened that I will not be able to teach my students in the classroom and that my students will not be able to learn together with their classmates. However, learning will still take place, until the end of the scheduled school year, via distance learning. I am committed to providing continuous learning for your children. I just ask that you be patient and understanding, as I am trying to find the most effective and easiest way to present the curriculum among all the many technology resources out there. Distance learning is something new to all of us and we are learning and adapting as we go along.  We will get through this! Stay healthy and safe. 
Mrs. Gutierrez
Starting on Tuesday, April 14, all assignments will be posted on Goggle Classroom from CLEVER . The recommended daily schedule is posted on the left.
EPIC-is a reading website. I have inputted all student's current AR levels. You need to follow the login process pictured on the left.  Your child will have access to books that are read to them for free. You can check on to see if there is an A.R. quiz for the books read on EPIC. 
AR Reading-Students are now able to take A.R. quizzes from home under the STUDENTS tab on the  North Ranchito website. They click on A.R. and then take a quiz as usual. If your child does not remember their username and password, send me a message on Talking Points and I will send it to you.
Links for additional practice or for fun
 On CLEVER dashboard
  • Typing club (keyboard practice)
  •  MathPlayground
On Students tab
  • Mindfulness Breathing Relaxation
  • ABC YA!
  • Starfall
  • Scholastic
 I will be adding to this page periodically, so please continue to check in with me here.
Please use the Talking Points App or send me an email to continue to communicate with me.